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Starcraft Dowcraft Magnesium Boat and Johnson Outboard

BOAT: This is a 1948 (we think)¬†StarCraft boat made by Dow Chemical Corporation. It is made of magnesium. The elements have caused severe erosion as the boat sat outside 10+ years. This boat was stored in my grandparents garage most of its life along with the Johnson Outboard motor. My grandfather was selling these boats and canoes for a brief period of time when the boats were first introduced to the public. He kept one boat and motor. The boat and motor saw its first significant use in the late 70′s and was used through the late 80′s before being stored once again. Unfortunately, the acid rain and elements really eroded this once beautiful boat. My hope is to see the boat restored one day.

MOTOR: 1953 Johnson 5.5 HP. This engine has 2 cylinders and will propel the magnesium boat to 20+ MPH! Unique sound that is unmistakable and you can hear it coming from around the bend..

DOCUMENTATION: Original brochure from DOW and manual from Johnson wit h service paperwork.

GASOLINE TANKS: Original pressurized 4 gallon tank and 2.5 gallon spare.:

LIGHTING: Original Brass Bow lamp and Original and flexible Stern lamp with cardboard storage sleeve.

OARS: Original Oars

LICENSE PLATE: Found mounted to stern of boat when taken out of grandparents garage in late 70′s.

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